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Our Vision

Our company is working with a diverse ecosystem to develop partnerships and a portfolio of projects to make urban air mobility a reality.

At Airbus, we believe new forms of urban transport will improve the way we live and offer an alternative to congested megacity transport systems. 

What does it mean to be truly curious? Is it a thirst for new understanding? A drive to know what's next? To our team, it’s all of these things. For decades we’ve been bringing curious minds together in order to build the future of flight.

Airbus Ride is a whole new travel experience that isn’t just a Dallas helicopter ride or a Dallas limo service – it is thrilling transportation that will save you time and frustration. Go to the game, see top talent or attend major events. 

We’re focused on specific research and development areas that we believe are going to be the key drivers in building the future of flight.

We know flight will fundamentally change the future model of urban transportation.

Our key investment projects are Vahana, CityAirbus and Skyways, with road maps to bring these projects and necessary infrastructure rapidly into the real world.

We are also working to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of flight in cities to help shape regulations and future ATC requirements, as well as public perception, making the future a reality - sooner. 

Airbus Ride is not a Part 135 operator and all flight services are provided by third party Part 135 operators.